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A Closer Look at Islam


Islam has always had the unfortunate distinction of hosting a sizeable stash of enemies. And if that wasn’t enough, thanks to some Muslims on their wild rampage, it has, in recent times, managed to add to that pile. Finding fault with Islam has become a major preoccupation with some. And fortunately for them, Islam is indeed vulnerable and prone to misrepresentation.

The two major reasons why some critics fail to understand Islam are as follows:

  • they often resort to cherry-picking verses of the Quran instead of engaging in a proper study and
  • they ignore the fact that there may be multiple versions of some historical accounts. And a fair few there are indeed that exist in multiple versions.

A Closer Look at Islam explains why it could take a fair bit of work to understand the Quran and also points to the dangers of relying on just one version of a given story. It explains some of the key teachings of Islam as detailed in the Quran and as seen in the impeccable character of some of its exemplary figures – people who gave their all for the sake of the truth. Those are some of the major issues that this book addresses.

As an aside, it also discusses the subject of atheism and the view of some critics that a man by the name of Muhammad claiming to be a prophet never existed.